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Unlock your true potential as an individual, earn rewards and monetize your notes
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Combining learning with the functionalities of social media
We are an experienced and talented team of passionate students who want to move away from a one-style fits all approach in education
We want to create a world where content that matters to us stays with us, for ever.

How We Can Help

We adjust learning to the content revolution

Real Time Feedback

We adjust our estimations based on your current use of the application.

Personalise to your preference

Adjust the different functionalities on your dashboard

Grow with specific content

Through regular checkpoints we ensure that the content that you are getting helps you grow in your respective preferred area

Focus on what's important

Let our algorithm sort your notes in a way that works best for you.

Share with friends or the entire world

Share your notes with your friends or sell specific formats to the whole world

Reporting & Analysis

We love data and provide monthly suggestions based on your progress
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    Be on the Top of your notes
    The following services explain how we approach using the application
    • Create notes while in class or transform pre-written word documents
    • Scroll through your personalised feed to repeat your notes
    • Share the notes that you don’t need anymore or monetise entire packages of notes
    For anything business related


    Search through our collection of pre-packaged notes

    Machine Learning for Newsfeed

    Half of the team consists of Computer Science students
    The Feed

    Infographics Content

    You can imagine the product like your instagram feed, but with all the information that you need to learn.
    Wherever, whenever


    We are optimising the learning experience whether you are sitting by your desk, at a café or in the underground on the way to work
    Free service

    Money is not a problem

    You can use our platform for free or even monetise your notes and share them with the entire world.
    Notes collected for testing
    years of combined university experience
    years of start-up experience

    Frequently Asked Questions
    • Everyone wants to be able to learn more but we often struggle to find the motivation and it is difficult to access our notes in a structured manner
    • We adjust our news feed to your learning style
    • Creating compelling & valuable content in order to share and monetize your notes
    • Real time dashboards to see how you are advancing on your learning
    • Feed to scroll through content that only you have added
    • Opportunity to monetise your notes