Most Popular Questions

1. What is Ember?

Ember is a business focused memory platform that gives it’s users the opportunity to exchange notes within their respective communities or the entire world.

2. How does Ember work?

Ember is an intuitive application that replicates the design of social media news feeds but applies it to learning chunks of information. It only takes three steps to create a chunk:

  1. Categorise
  2. Type Heading
  3. Type Chunk

The information is then added to your news feed that you will have to go through and give feedback to. Your dashboard will then give you an overview on your daily memory challenges.

3. Does it cost money to use Ember?

The creation of your own chunks is free. You can, however, monetize pre-made chunk packages or whole categories on our online marketplace. If you do not wish to do the work yourself you can also purchase packages that are then directly added to your feed.

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